Our Story

Kaj is the owner, designer and creator of T U J E L A S W I M. TS is more than just a swimwear brand.. the creative process came to life after Kaj became a mother in April 2018 to her beautiful baby girl TUJELA.

At only four months old they were unearthing tropical treasures together in Kauai-Hawaii, basking on the beautiful beaches in California to the dazzling lights of Austin-Texas/New York and London. TS is inspired by nature/cityscapes, femininity and of course Tujela.

‘Having Tujela has pushed me to follow my dreams. She is the reason for the increased drive I have. Being her mummy has given me a whole new perspective on life. So of course I named my brand after her!’

As a strong advocate of body positivity, TS was created with the intention of designing swimwear that is meant to empower and inspire confidence in all women. Kaj’s approach in achieving this is to ensure that her designs are founded on timeless pieces, with a keen focus on fit, that she knows will praise the shape of all female forms. TS encourages women to feel comfortable in their own skin and celebrate their figures. Styles feature the signature high waste, high-cut leg, long sleeve and flattering curve-cut bottoms. Styles transport from day to night, promising to blend European opulence with Brazilian simplicity.


Trendy cheap items fuel an unsustainable industry, we are not fast fashion but consciously made using sustainable materials in sustainable conditions. In hopes of lessoning the environmental impact we have decided to release pieces slowly, creating key designs that you will treasure. TS pieces are designed in London and hand crafted in Brazil. The manufacture we use is a peta vegan friendly organisation and left over materials are never wasted but used to make pet beds and donated to local shelters.

With love and respect for the planet in mind and with ethical values as the core of our brand- TS strive to produce sustainable swimwear using luxury Italian fabric made from Econyl®. A type of regenerated Nylon made entirely from post-consumer waste products such as plastic, abandoned fishing nets, and other landfill waste that is collected by Aquafil helping clear our beautiful ocean from waste.

TS gives everyone the opportunity to choose an environmentally friendly product without compromising on quality and style.. Who said recycled materials can’t feel or look luxurious?! We pride ourselves on the quality and durability of each piece.

Our goal is to make you feel and look your best while doing our bit for this beautiful planet we call home.


Our ethos extends to how our products are packaged and shipped. We use environmentally friendly and plastic free packaging. These are made from recycled materials that are also fully recyclable.

The Lotus Flower

TS supports a non profit organisation called THE LOTUS FLOWER that aids in helping women and girls affected by war, conflict and displacement in Kurdistan. They give them the strength and support they need to rise out of darkness; moving from past suffering and economic hardship to reach their full potential to rebuild their future. They empower vulnerable women and girls so that they are safe, have opportunities to learn, given the tools to become financially independent and have the freedom to speak out and lead change.

Kaj and her family were forced to flee their home in Kurdistan, the northern region of Iraq, as a result Saddam Hussiens regime. In 1990 they gained refuge in London- as a refugee herself, the work of this organisation is very close to her heart. Therefore, Kaj has decisively chosen to direct a portion of TUJELASWIM’S proceeds to THE LOTUS FLOWER.

By supporting TS, you won’t just be taking care of our oceans- you’ll be giving women and girls in Kurdistan a second chance in life. Together, we can resolutely, make our world a better, more beautiful place.

Lots of love,